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Welcome to SPIKE (System for Processing Information for Kingdom Events)!
SPIKE was developed to centralize and simplify the event registration process.

Submission Process

This is a topic of confusion for many. Please review the workflow under the How to SPIKE link to the left.


There is a mechanism in place to cancel events as needed. Event cancellations can cause a cascade of scheduling errors so cancellations are coordinated with the Kingdom Calendar Deputy (calendar at atlantia.sca.org). Please feel free to contact the Calendar Deputy with general questions or the Web Minister (webminister at atlantia.sca.org) if you have any technical issues.

Out of Kingdom Events

Out of Kingdom events must be coordinated through the Kingdom Calendar Deputy (Email) to be listed on the Atlantian calendar.

Menu Options

  • New Event Registration
    Use this form to submit a new event to the Kingdom Calendar.
  • Edit Registration Request
    Use this form to update your request
  • Event Password Reset
    Autocrats and Seneschals are automatically issued passwords to manage thier registration requests. This utility will reset those passwords to the accounts on file.
  • Event Flyer Submission Form
    Form to submit a finalized event flyer.
  • SPIKE Documentation

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