Arms of Atlantia

SPIKE Information

Events may be registered with the Office of the Chronicler electronically via SPIKE or by mailing an event registration form to the Chronicler:

Kingdom Chronicler (12/17)
Freiherrin Adina von der Heide (L. Cicirelli)
Phone: (571) 249-1250
Email: chronicler AT
Web Site:

Registering your event online is strongly preferred. However, if you wish to register an event by mail, please use the Event Registration Form.

SPIKE Workflow

  • Initial Event Submission
    • Events should be submitted to SPIKE by the event autocrat. Once submitted, a username and password is sent to the autocrat for future updates.
    • For Kingdom-level events, notification of the submission is sent to the Kingdom Seneschal for approval.
    • Notification of other event submissions are sent to the hosting group's seneschal (or in the case of a sponsored group, the sponsoring group's seneschal) for approval.
    • Notification of the submission is automatically sent to the Chronicler's office for review.
    • The appropriate seneschal must approve the event, via SPIKE, email to the chronicler, or a signature on the event registration form.
    • If everything is in order, the Chronicler's office publishes the event to the online Kingdom Calendar. Please note that this is not an automatic process and thus it may be a day or two before the event appears on the calendar listing.
    • Autocrats must submit an event flyer, either via SPIKE or email or mail to the Chronicler, before the event flyer will be published in the Acorn. Please see the Acorn submission deadlines, below.
    • Per Society Policy, the event flyer must appear in print before it can be posted on the online Kingdom Calendar. After the flyer for your event is printed in the Acorn, the Chronicler's office will publish the flyer online.
  • Event Updates
    • When an autocrat submits updated event details, the event is removed from the Kingdom Calendar and the Chronicler's office is notified of the update.
    • After the Chronicler's office reviews the changes, the event is re-published to the online Kingdom Calendar. Again, this is not an automatic process, so it may be a day or two before the event reappears on the calendar listing.
  • Event Conflicts
    • Non-Kingdom events (baronial or other local group events) may not conflict with Kingdom-level events unless permission has been granted by the Kingdom Seneschal and Their Majesties. Please see the list of reserved weekends, below.
    • Hosting groups may request a "no conflict" status with other local group events when initially submitting the event. The Chronicler's office manually checks for conflicts at the time of event registration; however, the "no conflict" status is not granted until a completed event flyer is submitted for the event (in addition to the preliminary registration).

Acorn Publication Deadlines

January: December 1 May: April 1 September: July 25
February: January 1 June: May 1 October: September 1
March: February 1 July: June 1 November: October 1
April: March 1 August: July 1 December: November 1


Reserved Event Weekends

Twelfth Night Second Saturday in January
Winter University First Saturday in February
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival First Saturday in March
Spring Coronation First Saturday in April, or second if the first is Easter Weekend
Golden Rose Tournament Third Saturday in April
Spring Crown First Saturday in May
Summer University Second Saturday in June
Fall University * Last Saturday in August
Fall Coronation First Saturday in October
Fall Crown First Saturday in November
Unevent First Saturday in December
Any other events which may be specially designated by the Crown

* Non-protected event

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