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SPIKE Information

Events may be registered with the Office of the Chronicler electronically via SPIKE or by mailing an event registration form to the Chronicler:

Kingdom Chronicler
Lady Caitrina inghean Fhearghuis (Veronica Yoshida)
Phone: 919-433-6033
Email: chronicler AT atlantia.sca.org
Web Site: http://chronicler.atlantia.sca.org

Registering your event online is strongly preferred. However, if you wish to register an event by mail, please use the Event Registration Form.

SPIKE Workflow

  1. Autocrat registers the event ('New Event' link in the left menu)
  2. Once submitted and email is automatically sent to the Seneschal of the group with instructions on how to review and approve the event.
    • There are some situations (out of kingdom events for example) where we don't know the autocrat. Please contact the Calendar Dept. to register those events.
  3. Once approved, the Calendar Dept is notified that the event is ready to be "Spiked".
  4. The Calendar Dept reviews the information and checks for conflicts with other events.
  5. If everything passes inspection the event is added to the calendar on the website and the autocrat is notified.
  6. At this point the autocrat may, if they choose, create a 'flyer' for their event by clicking the 'Flyer Submission' link in the left menu.
  7. The flyer is reviewed and, assuming there are no glaring problems, added to your event. The flyer replaces the information on the website calendar so be sure to provide as much detail as possible, within reason. The Chronicaler may need to edit down your flyer to make it fit in the Acorn if you get too wordy.
  8. Done

Acorn Publication Deadlines

January: December 1 May: April 1 September: July 25
February: January 1 June: May 1 October: September 1
March: February 1 July: June 1 November: October 1
April: March 1 August: July 1 December: November 1


Reserved Event Weekends

Twelfth Night Second Saturday in January
Winter University First Saturday in February
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival First Saturday in March
Spring Coronation First Saturday in April, or second if the first is Easter Weekend
Golden Rose Tournament Third Saturday in April
Spring Crown First Saturday in May
Summer University Second Saturday in June
Fall University * Last Saturday in August
Fall Coronation First Saturday in October
Fall Crown First Saturday in November
Unevent First Saturday in December
Any other events which may be specially designated by the Crown

* Non-protected event

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