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Event Flyer Submission Form

Event flyers are seperate from the event registration. Event registration collects the 'required' details for an event. The event flyer is the autocrat's chance to provide greater detail about the event. This is the flyer format which you would use for an event detail in the Acorn.

Event flyers may be updated by simply re-submitting. The event id and autocrat password are required to submit the event flyer. Pleae make use of the validation feature below to ensure that you have the correct values before attempting to fill out or submit the flyer form.

Out of Kingdom events must coordinate with the Kingdom Calendar Deputy (Email) to have your event listed on the Atlantian calendar.

(EVENT password, not autocrat's AEL password)

Day-Trip Feast Camping
Adult, Member Discount Event Registration
Adult, Event Registration
Youth (-)
Child (0-)


Autocrat's Information
Reservationist Information
Check here if reservations are to be sent to the autocrat


By checking this box, I affirm that I have obtained permission from each person listed in this annoucement to publish their personal information electronically.

If you have any questions, or this form does not meet your needs, please contact the Kingdom Chronicler.

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